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Price List

Effective April 16, 2018

Strength Mixes (20mm stone)MpaPrice/m3
Grout MixesMpaPrice/m3
1:1(35 Mpa)$330.00
1:1.5(30 Mpa)$310.00
1:2(25 Mpa)$280.00
Lean MixesMpaPrice/m3
.4Mpa unshrinkable fill$169.00
7Mpa conduit mix$183.00
8.3Mpa conduit mix (includes 10mm aggregate)$190.00
Residential MixesPrice/m3
20 Mpa R1/R2 ftg. & wall mix$199.00
25 Mpa R3 bsmt floor (.65 w/c)$209.00
32 Mpa C2 exterior (.45 w/c)$232.00
O.P.S.S. MixesMpaPrice/m3
15Mpa (250 kg)$205.00
20Mpa (310 kg)$222.00
25Mpa (325 kg)$229.00
30Mpa (355 kg)$237.00
32Mpa (365 kg) City of Kit.$239.00
35Mpa (415 kg)$252.00
35Mpa SCC$303.00
Grout MixesMpaPrice/m3
1:2:5(20 Mpa)$270.00
1:3(15 Mpa)$260.00
1:4(10 Mpa)$250.00
Caisson Mixes (150mm Slump) max.Price/m3
2 Mpa$173.00
20 Mpa$207.00
25 Mpa$218.00
30 Mpa$226.00
Driveway MixesPrice/m3
32 Mpa driveway c/w quarry stone$250.00
32 Mpa driveway exposed agg.$250.00
CSA Specification MixesStrengthw/c rationPrice/m3
F-2 C-425 Mpa.55$217.00
F-1 C-3 S-330 Mpa.50$225.00
C-2 S-232 Mpa.45$232.00
C-1 S-135 Mpa.40$241.00
C-XL50 Mpa HPC*.37$333.00
*includes super plasticiser

Ready Mixed Concrete Additional Charges (2016)

Special Aggregates:Price
10mm peastoneadd $18.00
20mm quarry stoneadd $18.00
40mm stonePrice on request.
lightweight concretePrice on request.
10mm traprockPrice on request.
Calcium Chloride:Price
1% calcium$7.00
2% calcium$11.00
Non-Chlor Accel.:Price
winterset 1$17.50
winterset 2$27.50
winterset 3$37.50
Special Products:Price
Duracon TC (integral hardner)$50.00
polypropolene fibres$16.00
midrange (MRWR)$11.00
colour – 1%$45.00
retarders type rx-4 hr$10.00
type r-2 hr$7.00
Winter Handling:November 01, 2018 to April 15, 2019$18.00
Concrete Cooling:Price on request.
Minimum Delivery Charge:less than 3m³$175.00 per load
Fuel Surcharge:$15.00 per load
Demurrage:Allowed 60 minutes per load for unloading. Additional time to be charged at $120.00 per hour ($2.00 per minute)
6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.$30.00
9:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m.on request
Saturday$18.00 (min. $350.00)
Sundays/holidays$750.00 min.
Restricted load charge$175.00 per load
Pour Cancellation Charge:$750.00
Conveyor Rentals:39 Foot Conveyor$200.00/load
50 Foot Conveyor$275.00/load
Environmental Charge:$5.00
Enviroguard Washout Fee: (only when used)$15.00/load

Taxes: All applicable taxes are extra. Customer added materials will not be allowed.