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Admixtures: For easier placement of all concrete pours.

Super Plastizers (HRWR)

*Comparable strength development to low slump concrete

*Increased workability and easier placeability

*Easier and faster pumping of concrete with pump pressure reduced as much as 50%.

*Reduces shrinkage and cracking

*Reduces segregation even at high slumps

*Greater impermeability

*Increased concrete durability, uniformity, and strength at all ages

*Improved appearance of architectural concrete

*Reduced bleed and increased density

*Improved resistance to sulfate attack

*Increased productivity resulting in reduced labor costs, and faster reuse of forms


Nonchloride, Accelerating Admixture WINTERSET

WINTERSET is a nonchloride accelerating admixture for concrete.

  • Advantages of WINTERSET in your concrete
  • Set acceleration without corrosion
  • Controlled acceleration (determined by dosage)
  • Reduced bleeding
  • Greater impermeability
  • Increased strength at all ages


WINTERSET is designed for concrete where accelerated setting characteristics are desired.

WINTERSET is recommended for applications where the use of chlorides would be undesirable such as:

  • Prestressed concrete
  • Concrete bridge deck repair
  • Concrete placed on galvanized steel floor and roof systems
  • Concrete pipe
  • Reinforced concrete in most environments


Product Description
Mid-Range Water Reducer is a new generation mid-range, water reducing admixture specifically formulated to dramatically enhance the finishability and workability of concrete. Mid-Range Water Reducer provides normal concrete setting characteristics throughout its recommended dosage range.


  • Increases production of slip-form construction
  • Dramatically improved finishing characteristics for flatwork
  • Mid-range water reducing characteristics
  • Easier and faster pumping of concrete
  • Reduced shrinkage and cracking
  • Reduced segregation at a given slump
  • Greater impermeability
  • Increased concrete durability and uniformity
  • Improved appearance of architectural concrete
  • Increase strength at all ages