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Fiber Mesh

Poly Propylene Fibers

Cross Section with Poly Propylene FiberCross Section with Wire Mesh

Why Use Synthetic Fibers?

Compare Poly Propylene Fiber Welded Wire Mesh
Crack reduction (due to plastic shrinkage) [fa class="fa-check"] Yes (Up to 80%) [fa class="fa-close"] No
Extends life of concrete [fa class="fa-check"] Yes (increases durability and both abrasion and impact force resistance) [fa class="fa-close"] No
Rustproof and corrosion resistant [fa class="fa-check"] Yes [fa class="fa-close"] No
Reinforces throughout concrete depth [fa class="fa-check"] Yes (three-dimensional reinforcement; See Figure 1) [fa class="fa-close"] No
Ease of application [fa class="fa-check"] Yes (Fibrasol comes mixed in concrete) [fa class="fa-close"] No (difficult and sometimes dangerous to handle and place)
Cost effective [fa class="fa-check"] Yes (requires less labor) [fa class="fa-close"] No